NEW Review for "Darkness and Rainbows"

A great new review from Jim Allford [STEEL NOTES MAGAZINE]

SUBURBAN KEY PARTY is a four piece band that hails from Virginia Beach, VA. They are an alternative rock band that , definitely, has a favor of its own. The band members are: TOM SOUTHERN-Vocals; DAVID HUNTER-Guitar; PATRICK MYERS-Bass and MATT WATTS-Drums.

This 10 CD was Mixed and Mastered by Chris Kendrick and it was Produced by Chris Kendrick and Tom Southern.  This album was named in the 2023 Veer Awards as 'Indie Pop Band of the Year.

FOUND YOU OUT kicks off this CD with a very tasteful song that has a bit of an 80's feel. Their melody is sweet as the guitar and drums stand out on their own. The vocals are quite a treat, too.

SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE has a sweet acoustic sound and the vocals sound a lot like Ray Davies at the beginning. The melody is bound to grow on you. You have to check this song for yourself.

SOMEBODY ELSE reminds a bit of My Sweet Lord during the intro with the same beat and rhythm. The vocals are great as the band mellows as a bit and then they kick it in hard.

TRADING GLANCES is a great rock sound and you're bound to love. The song is straight forward rock and rock with an excellent melody. I must admit, this song is quite catchy and will get into your head and will stay there for quite sometime. Could this be ther Top 10 song? I wonder!

SAVE THE DATE is quite mellow and brings this CD to an end . I must admit, this is band t watch out for in the near future. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to TOM SOUTHERN for being in touch with me. You can find the band at: Facebook, You Tube, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Pandora and iHeart. Check them out. ROCK ON


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